We bring Texans far and wide together for a common dream:
improving Texas education, one idea at a time.

Founded in August 2015, the Rather Prize is a small step in the larger American fight for education reform.

We put together a ten thousand dollar prize for the best idea to improve Texas education. Backed by lengendary journalist Dan Rather and his grandson Martin Rather, the prize identifies and implements courageous local-level ideas from educators and students.

Together, we can drive big change in 3 small steps.

Submit an idea

Any Texas teacher, student, or administrator should submit their best idea to improve the state’s educational system and win our $10,000 prize and an opportunity to drive real change.

Vote for an idea

In January 2017, we will shortlist ten finalists through a rigorous selection process and open them up to public vote. Make your voice heard for your favorite idea to improve education in Texas!

Win it for Texas

We will announce our winner at SXSWedu 2017, offering a $10,000 prize, an all-expenses paid trip to Austin to celebrate the best idea, and a talented young team to drive your dream to fruition.

In the inaugural Rather Prize, we have seen Texans far and wide come together for a common dream.

From December '15 through March '16, we saw participation from all walks of Texan life-from a chemistry teacher who writes YouTube raps to a retired college lecturer inspiring young men and women to take up the podium. From a fifth grader dreaming of NASA and nebulas to a high school senior hoping to revolutionize the standardized testing system.

Texas, you inspire us.

100+ ideas submitted

15,000 votes cast

50+ media appearances